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Ghetsis is a character in the Pokemon franchise. He first appeared in Pokemon Black Version and White Version. He is the secondary-antagonist in Pokemon Thunder Version and Rain Version. He was the creator and previous leader of Team Plasma.

His original plan was to liberate Pokemon from Pokemon trainers, but in the events of Pokemon Thunder Version and Rain Version, he partially-lead the newely form Team Plasma, Element Plasma, to destory Avatra by either overgrow into a jungle (in Thunder version) or burn it (in Rain version).


Resigning His WaysEdit

After the events of Pokemon Black Version 2 and White Verison 2, Ghetsis went through a retirement thanks to a major breakdown two days after he lost aganist the main protagonist from Black 2/White 2. Because of this, the Shadow Triad had taken care of him for the next year.

Steping Aside For The ScientistEdit

In Pokemon Thunder Version and Rain Version, Ghetsis appear to the main protagonist before going to face the eighth Gym Leader. He had told him/her that a great power would strike the region of Avatra off of the face of the earth. After defeating Zinzilion, the Plasma Frigate comes and, depending on the version you get, either makes the gym into a giant jungle (in Thunder version) or burns the gym (in Rain version). The trainer then has to go inside the Plasma Frigate in order to revert the damage.

Inside the deepest part of the Plasma Frigate, you find the Shadow Triad and Ghetsis waiting for you. He then comments that the legendary Pokemon that they have will either overgrow the entire region (in Thunder version) or burn the region (in Rain version). He and the Shadow Triad then teleport out of the Plasma Frigate, giving the trainer only a clue to where to go next, which is the Pokemon League.

After defeating the Champion, the Plasma Frigate strikes once more and makes the place overpopulate with vines (in Thunder version) or melt the Pokemon League (in Rain version). Ghetsis then appears, saying that his plan was too "small" and decided to not lead the Element Plasma group, but let another former-Plasma member take care of the plan.

Upon the capture of either Avaisol (Thunder version) or Unitoak (Rain version) and the defeat of Colress, Ghetsis then decides to face the main protagonist, similar to how he face the main trainer after N was defeated in Pokemon Black Version and White Version. After his defeat, Ghetsis then has a major temper-tantrum, causing the Shadow Triad to transport him somewhere else.


Pokemon Black & White 2 - OST Ghetsis Battle Theme02:30

Pokemon Black & White 2 - OST Ghetsis Battle Theme

Ghetsis Battle Music


  • His appearance in Pokemon Thunder Version and Rain Version is nearly the same as in Pokemon Black Version 2 and White Version 2.
    • Similarly, his theme remains unchanged from the Black 2/White 2 theme.

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